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TrustAttorneyOnline supports member/employee retention by:

  • Creating the quick, easy access to an attorney that facilitates the creation of a will, trust and estate plan.
  • Offering a member/employee benefit at no cost to your organization with highly perceived value.
  • Providing members/employees with peace of mind.
  • Encrypted and secure communication after you register with TrustAttorneyOnline.
  • Increasing member/employee confidence in the security of their future.
  • Engaging members/employees over time
  • Growing loyalty to your company/organization.

Members/Employees see your company/organization as helping to both create and to preserve their wealth.

Your company/organization sees you as the highly valuable, innovative Benefits Manager that made all this possible.

Learn how your company/organization can provide a benefit that help facilitate an estate plan to provide peace of mind, preservation of wealth and a secure future for your member/employees.

Contact our Benefits Affiliate Manager at (877)878-7815!

3 Free Member Benefits

Affiliates of TrustAttorneyOnline can extend these 3 FREE benefits to every member/employee:

  • Power of Attorney: a legal document giving another person the authority to act for you in legal or financial matters, which may be general or specific. The Power of Attorney must be notarized. This is recommended before a surgery, travel outside the country or any dangerous activity.
  • Living Will & Advanced Healthcare Directive: a written document setting forth your directions for medical treatment in the event that you are unable to express informed consent. This document should be notarized. Many states have a central repository for the recordation of this document, such as the Secretary of State.
  • Asset Checklist and Instruction Letter: useful tools to assist you in identifying your assets, keys and passwords, and guiding you through the process of creating instruction to assist the management of your affairs if you are disabled or worse.

As an affiliate, your company/organization will receive a DISCOUNT CODE for free benefits and discounts for our services to pass along to your members/employees. We offer secure on-line attorney consultations; this is NOT DIY or fill out a form.

To discuss how we can provide exemplary trust and estate planning benefits at NO COST TO YOU to your member/employees at an affiliate discount, please contact our Benefits Affiliate Manager at (877)878-7815 or visit for more information.