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Your financial planning strategy is only complete when you have helped clients put all the pieces into place for a secure financial future. One puzzle piece for that secure financial future that is often left incomplete is the establishment of a written estate plan, generally in the form of a will and/or trust. The legal process may be daunting, but TrustAttorneyOnline has made the legal consultation simple and secure, consider the following:



  • Locating the desired attorney who is the best fit
  • Finding time to travel to the attorney’s office

Lack of Urgency:

  • The need for a will or trust can seem distant
  • People tend to put off complex processes that have a low urgency factor


  • The wealth you and your client worked to create is in jeopardy
  • Your client’s assets may end up being distributed by the state to parties your client would never have designated
  • Your reputation and credibility as a financial planner may be compromised



  • TrustAttorneyOnline establishes a low effort, high results professionally drafted will and trust
  • We vet the attorneys for you so that your clients are consulting experienced attorneys
  • Meetings can be online or in person, so that your client saves drive time!
  • An estate plan helps avoid death taxes and probate costs.
  • Prioritizing your client and protecting their assets through estate planning with TrustAttorneyOnline accomplishes your financial plan and makes you look good to your clients!
  • By becoming a Team Member with us, you will receive useful information and discounts that you can pass along to your clients!
  • It’s an easy, efficient process that anyone can do!

An experienced attorney is a critical member of your client’s wealth management team!  Learn how you can help ensure your clients have written estate planning documentation to preserve wealth and a secure financial future. Help ensure all the puzzle pieces are in place.

If you have other questions and have not identified a trusted legal advisor for your clients or want to discuss the benefits of becoming a Team Member please call us at (877)878-7815 today and ask for the Director of team membership.  Please visit for more information.